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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
Exactly! Big Gun anyone?

100% ACK!
I do not want to make any comments regarding "Thomas Amiga Project" (called "Natami") anymore, only a short because I was also a "Team-Member" and always called a lazy dog only trying to get some of the shine of Thomas great work. I do not want to make him or his work down but I now understand that collaboration and opensource is the only way to go. Always if there are big "Egos" involved (and there are a lot of big "Egos" in the community) it all ends in a dead end. It is correct that there were expectations rising (partly because of the communication by team-members) that were outside the reality but if the person that has the knowledge does not correct it, not in the public forum nor in the team area, then the person that does not correct this in time is partly to blame. And if this person is not interested in people outside but want it to do solely on its own way, without anyone participating in any kind why making a website and talking of "team"? Why not work in it at home and secretely and only informing people when it is ready (or never if there is no interest anymore). I really do not understand it. I cannot say much about the reasons of the delays (f.e. redesign) or about the choice of tools and technologies because I lack the knowledge. But always blaming the "lazy team" is a lot too simple.
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