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Originally Posted by TotO View Post
Hehe. OK, great.

The 68030 is finally just a 68020 improvement, "fixing" some things and adding cache.
So, sure, if today a the 68020 can run at 33MHz if may be faster than a 68030 using your architecture.
Well, the 68030 is more than that, especially with it's faster bus interface.
Originally Posted by TotO View Post
But, if the 68030 cache should be fully disabled you may seriously increase performance by reaching highest frequency ? (the embedded memory cache may goes defective but the CPU running well w/o)
Disabling the cache would be well within specifications. There is a pin on the CPU that is dedicated to doing just that. It has nothing to do with "defective". Motorola has prepared the 68030 bus interface for an external cache controller, and if I can make a memory controller that is as fast as a cache-hit, you don't require the on-chip caches any more. It would be like 128MByte first-level-cache (well, if it works the way I'm thinking).

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