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Yes indeed, that's what i found too with crackdown from ARC developments.

They had to ring Sega UK to get information about the disk used in system 24 arcade hardware. They put them in contact with Sega Japan.

Q : what kind of disk format is used ?
A : Can't tell you

Q : How to extract graphics from it ?
A : Can't tell you

Q : Then how system 24 is actually working ?
A : Same as above !!

If they had told them what was going on about the game disk, they'd had to reveal that system 24 disks are partly encrypted, and the the 2nd 68000 present on the board (FD-1094 hitachi), is only used to decypher some sectors/informations on it, their security system would have been useless..... Japanese were too much afraid of being copied/pirated i guess.....

This can be found in The One Magazine, in crackdown preview in depth pages.

This game use 3000/5000 frames on amiga/ST, and Paul Walker, the graphist, even had up to 36 DD disks containing only the levels !!!

US Gold should had then agreed for a 2 disks release. Instead, they said ok, but only on atari ST. And only 1 for amiga, as such, we know the end of the story.
The amiga release, lacks intro parts, and even the end of the game.
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