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Originally Posted by gibs View Post
Floppy Support is working : [ Show youtube player ]
Ehe, excellent, thanks for the video
Now we should look for more interesting software.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Do you think MIDI would work?
First I will have to implement MIDI output routines in EmuTOS for Amiga, and I have no idea about how to do that (RS-232 port?). But I see that WinUAE has MIDI abilities, so it will be easy for me to make tests (at least MIDI out).

Second, only clean software which uses the OS (and not the hardware) will work, I don't know what is the situation with popular software.

Originally Posted by amiman99 View Post
Floppy reading disks work on A1000!
Ah, floppy works on another machine

Originally Posted by amiman99 View Post
I'm getting out of memory errors on some programs, and I noticed that in the startup menu (EMuTOS start) I have 2 RAM configurations:
1. Free ST RAM at 214KB
2. Free FastRAM at 1536KB

What is the difference between them, it kinda looks like the TOS only can see 214KB of RAM.

BTW, my RAM configuration is 512KB CHIP and 1.5MB FAST on my A1000
Your values are correct, the RAM autodetection routines work fine.

There are several answers to your question.

1) ST-RAM is exactly the same as Chip RAM, FastRAM is whatever else (Slow RAM, Motherboard RAM, Zorro2 FastRAM, Zorro3 FastRAM).

2) EmuTOS uses too much ST-RAM compared to the original TOS, this is a long term issue. It is unrelated to Amiga. Usually on ST with 512 MB of ST-RAM, there is about 297 MB free. Of course improving that situation is a long term goal for the EmuTOS team.

3) EmuTOS for Amiga needs 19 kB additional ST-RAM buffers for floppy routines. This could be partially improved.

4) TOS/EmuTOS has a special ST-RAM 64 kB intermediate buffer know as _FRB used for DMA operations. I enabled it on Amiga, but now I see it is useless. I have just disabled it, the free ST-RAM bumped to 278 kB. I will include that fix in next snapshot.

5) Currently, EmuTOS itself does not use the FastRAM. External programs can use the FastRAM if some special bits are set in their header. Most old programs don't have those bits set, so then can only use the ST-RAM. Fortunately, for most old programs, forcing those header bits with an external tool just works fine.
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