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Originally Posted by synchro View Post
No sorry

Its not designed to add your own games....I build as i go and the idea was a one install launcher without the need for the hastle of setting up or having to add games...I will update periodicly and take game requests
Ah, sorry, I misunderstood from your website - I thought it said you could add games !

Still, if you are taking requests ...

I think the collection of games you have on there is great and it would be hard to have a comprehensive collection of Amiga games while keeping it at a sensible size ...

But a few more you should add, so you can cover some more of the bases ...

I have tried to stick to games where the Amiga version is "definitive", but have included a few which were probably more popular on other platforms, but the Amiga version stood out in some way:

Stunt Car Racer
Defender of the Crown
Ancient Art of War in the Sky
Speedball 2
Shadow of the Beast 1 +2
Wrath of the Demon
Xenon 2
R-Type 2
Deuteros The Next Millennium
Populous 1 + 2
Mega Lo Mania
Fire And Ice
Rainbow Islands
James Pond 2: Robocod
Hired Guns
Dungeon Master + Chaos Strikes Back
Barbarian 2
The Bards Tale
Eye Of The Beholder 1 + 2

Oh also - It Came From The Desert appears to crash every time I get into the plane and push forward on the joypad. Probably a WinUAE problem rather than your program...

Great launcher, the best ready-made one I've found yet.

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