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Originally Posted by strim View Post
In the NetBSD we have an intermediary boot loader between Kickstart and our kernel. This boot loader takes information about configured memory spaces from Kickstart and passes it to the NetBSD kernel.
Ok, thanks for the info.
Then I wonder how it works on Linux/m68k, probably the same.

Originally Posted by strim View Post
We don't use Kickstart after kernel boot. But we don't replace it. We let it configure hardware, run code present in ROMs. Then we use it to fire up the boot loader in a standard way
Ok, it is similar to what happens on PC, which uses the BIOS to initialize the hardware then load the Linux Kernel.

Originally Posted by strim View Post
I think you could do similar thing with EmuTOS - implement a loader that starts it *after* Kickstart finished its job. And use it to pass some information about hardware from AmigaOS (like memory boards).
You are right.
But EmuTOS as a Kickstart replacement is just a quick hack to see what is possible. If someone wants more serious stuff, your solution will have to be used.
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