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Originally Posted by ImmortalA1000 View Post
I couldn't find this anywhere here (did a search on Cinemaware as a single word) but I would like to bring it to your attention.

They are trying to kickstart development of a HD re-imagining of Wings for PC/iOS devices and Android.

I thought some people may be to be honest I was getting sort of fed up with all the stupid comments they're getting on A.ORG like "woah! no Amiga OS4 version then?" pffft. We here are much more sensible here and at least the thread won't descend into a Classic/OS4/MOS piss'n contest right?

Anyway the woman in the videos is really pretty and has nice ample sized bosoms...just like all the Cinemaware games and artwork so worth posting about just for that no?

I was going to create a thread specifically for this title, but you beat me to it . I know alot of old-school amiga users probably have played this game back in the day. So far they are having some success with their funding effort, but i am a bit worried that this project might not be fully funded in the next 28 days. If you can, please donate to this kickstarter.

Today they announced that they are working on not only a PC version, but also a Mac and Linux and iOS versions. I am not associated with this project, I'm just an old-school fan of Cinemaware that would like to see good classic games get realeased rather than the (mostly) crappy ones that come out today. I currently emulate the amiga on my PC. Thanks for reading my wall of text and your time.

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