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Hi there!

Hi, I'm Freker. Here's a quickish introduction about myself and how my history ties in with Amiga.

My earliest gaming machine was my Dad's Amiga. I didn't get my own console, a Playstation until around 1998. So during all that time folks were playing on their NES'es, Master System's, Megadrive's, SNES'es I was still on the Amiga and personally, playing some of the best versions and conversions of major games until the late 90's.

Years later I discovered emulation on my Win98 PC and started emulating the systems that I didn't have through buying CDs from computer fairs and then I discovered Amiga emulation, which pretty much takes away the complexity of setting up the Amiga, the monitor and the electric gobbling powerblock from playing my favourite classic games and PD games.
I've been doing this toying around with WinUAE and Winfellow ever since. I've only just gotten back to it. I've mainly emulated games, explored CDs but haven't really managed to personalise my workbench on my emulated harddisks. But hey, I can figure out how to boot and play games perfectly, so i wouldn't say I'm a novice.

Anyway, I decided to join here to see if I can do my bit for the Amiga emulation community since my Dad picked up some things from PD companies and BBS'es along the years.

It turns out that the EAB FTP already has most of my 'rare' Aminet CDs and Amiga magazine CD coverdisks (Damn good job guys!).
Rummaging around I found and recently ripped images of the following;

1. A gold CD-R Named 'Public Domain 1, Craig'
2 .PDSoft (Amiga) CDROM Gold Disk no.8000
3. Goldfish 1 - Contains 2 discs. (one of the ripped disc images is damaged due to scratches, perhaps running the rip on a lower speed setting would fix the next attempt.)

These are the only isos I've noticed that the communities FTP server doesn't have and I would be more than happy to pass the isos on for the sake of the community.

I will also look around if I can find any rare floppy games. I have about 6 plastic disk boxes, I'm not sure what's in there, but I don't have the hardware or know how to make ADFs from Amiga to PC. So if there's anyone local who can do that, I'd be quite happy to organise a way that an ADF image could be made in case I come across a rare coverdisk not on the Amiga Magazine Rack or just a rare game/backup in general.

So either way, I'm here to join the community, but not expecting a free ride. I'm also here to try to do my bit to further preserve the Amiga.

...Back to playing Hydrozone.
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