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@Fred. I agree with ya it reeks of PC ignorance alright! Doom the most influential game of all time? Funny how there's numerous F.P.S. entries,(& PC strategy games), & yet I don't think I saw a single 2D shooter, & barely any 2D platform/sprite scrolly type games made classic on the 8bit & 16bit home computing formats.
Possibly because a)The PC was crap at this format & crap in general at the time.
B) Who exactly comprised of this poll? After all, may of the classic development teams responsible for the 8bit/16bit classics are no longer in the industry.

"Where is Peter Molyneaux nowadays?". Erm, forgive me here but isn't Lionhead Studios & "Black & White" indications he hasn't vanished?!

That question could be asked of Chris Roberts,(Wing Commander fame), or Archer Maclean etc.

I'm NOT trying to be anti-pc games here. I don't mind a game of Starcraft for example,(particulary against a mate modem to modem). But I did think the list was as repetitive as it was average. (And as Fred intimates gives the impression that most games that existed prior to the modern PC weren't important/ groundbraking)
Geez, next they'll say Lemmings was a PC product!
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