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@Burseg. Both of these games had been WIP'd & previewed by The One, & Darkmere was definitely the first of the two. However Darkmere's development was plagued by delays & from memory was virtually rewritten from scratch with a change in the lead programmers. I think it was the programmer in charge of the PC conversion whom eventually took over the Miggy version. Work on Darkmere (I think) started in 1992.

I just recall in the "where are you?" segment in The One, he referred to the original,ambitious game specs as being more with the A1200 in mind without the A1200 even existing & how they were expected to make it work on a standard A500/600.

With my magazines in storage at present,I'd again have to check to confirm this, but I "think" the GFX artist from Darkmere was also involved in DragonStone.
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