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Well, I read that before, but thanks Bamiga, now I think I will try with the 1.5e version.
What is clear is that it isn't the mb. If I use another Cf with another Workbench it works perfectly. Yes, I know that using a so extrange Os as Amikit I really don't know what problems I can find, and there are a lot as it isn't designed to work like this.... but it works, well, not all, but a lot of things, and I like it.

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
...Again: I'm not sure if the latest version supports the 56MHz card, because I don't have any 56MHz card to test any more.

Well, if it doesn't work with all the Acatunes I will leave it as it is; it doesn't go slow with 16 colors.

Edit: 1.5e, Card unsupported.

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