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ABS....Automatic Braking System..

Anyway back to this..

Walkthrough on how to install Amiga Boot Selector.

Put abs file in you C folder in Workbench/Amiga OS,with ClassicWB the folder is call " System")

Make sur you make a backup of your startup-sequence(Right click on startup-sequence file and click copy but Amiga Boot Selector does make one for you when you run it the first time its called "startup-sequenceBCK.abs" it in your Workbench/Amiga OS folder)

You need to put this in before anything else in your startup-sequence otherwise it will not copy the Boot.abs to the S folder on Workbench/Amiga OS...(Your startup-sequence is in your S folder in Workbench/Amiga OS)

Execute S:Boot.abs

Run abs by going to it in C and click on it,once its come up press F1.
Now you will see the SYSCONFIG with 1 to 12 labels named 1 to C press 1 for 1 and so on to rename it(make sure it has no spaces in it)then press return/enter key

Once you have renamed a label it will be made in the AmigaBootSelector folder in the S folder.
Copy your startup to the new named abs file in the AmigaBootSelector folder.

now when you boot Amiga Boot Selector you just select that label and it will boot that startup-sequence.

Hope this helps.

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