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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
If it was that.... it seems very rare. I've tried a working Acatune for 1231/42 that I've got working in other Cf with the 1231/42, and two versions of the Acatune for the 1230/56

Excuse for the blue screen, I've got a problem in this mb.
Again: I'm not sure if the latest version supports the 56MHz card, because I don't have any 56MHz card to test any more. You might have to go back to an older version for the 56MHz card.

If you have trouble with that particular motherboard, it might extend to card recognition. I didn't completely get your setup and alternatives, so if you have a *working* alternative, I suggest to use that and not fiddle around by plugging things back and forth. Even if the white CPU slot connectors are very high-quality, you can't plug them back and forth endlessly. Especially not on 20-year-old Amiga computers!

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