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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Unlikely to be either. The A600 Gayle is AFAIK PIO0 and at best I imagine Zeus could be PIO2 without having to change the Kickstart scsi.device driver??

(I only say that because Yaqube recently patched A4000 Gayle IDE from PIO0 to PIO2 with a GAL (hardware) change, no software. But A4000 uses different kickstart and potentially more capable scsi.device??)

I would imagine that to implement IDE DMA capability someone would have to write a new scsi.device for the board which is ROM'able.

So makers of Zeus68k, is everything on this board auto-config and does the Gayle support require the 2-wire solution of the IDE68k to work (i've already done this so it would be good to reuse my existing soldered on connector)?
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