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Originally Posted by lordofchaos View Post

It's hideous! Get it away from the screen, my eyes are burning garhhhh It should have been a prop on Blake 7...

Haha, I have one of these. I bought it on ebay a while ago. I might have thought it was a trackball, I can't recall, anyway it arrived, I saw it was about ten times the size I was expecting and like you thought, gah! it's hideous and can't be any good to use, then I tried it and it was horrible, made me even crapper at sensi.

But actually, after a while I got used to it and actually quite like it for some games. You palm kinda sticks on the massive ball and there is no tension in your hand, just rock your wrist a bit and . . . uh. . . I think I'll stop there . . .

Point is, not as bad as you think when you get used to it. Can't speak for reliability but it's style encourages less violent moves than normal sticks.
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