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Originally Posted by Gilloo View Post
It crashes the emulator...

So if I want to test A1000 stuff or non JIT configs, I must insist on MEMF_CHIP for struct allocations needed to pass data to the dll.
You still haven't replied what are you exactly doing, what causes the crash? What address? Does the address match "special area" mentioned in winuaebootlog.txt? "Not working" or "It crashes" won't help anyone.

It is quite easy, mount a removable disk with PFS3 on WB1.3 (on a true amiga 68000), then remove it. It makes a guru 3.
The official PFS3 doesn't work at all on WB1.3, because it use some 2.04 and higher exec routines.
You never said it only crashes when running under 1.3, only that pfs3 for ks1.3 crashes in some not-that-specific media change situations.

Does diskchange <devicename>: also cause crash? Trackdisk.device only?

It could be buggy TD_ADDCHANGEINT in trackdisk.device but there are no workarounds, TD_REMOVE can't be used because it removes old change interrupt = DF0: disk changes would stop working.

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