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Originally Posted by Crashdisk View Post
hi jasonver2.0
your program does not check that the file is not locked by another application before reading / writing
"Test Run in WinUAE BB" if %temp%/temp.adf is already used by WinUAE

Since my previous post I found many errors in the database but I did not take notes, sorry. Overall, you forget that the virus (80%) mutate after each contamination...

If you like challenges, there is a very rare virus, which has so far never been identified (not sure ). His name is "Nightmare-Loader". good search
1. Ok ill fix that

2. I have scanned virus bootblocks from many different sources and all have come up accurate (as far as i know ) - some bootblocks have been hard to pin down such as Lamers, Tai-Pan and others, I presume these are the kind of bootblocks you speak of. I need many examples of the same bootblock in order to find commonality for detection. If you could tell me which ones do this i will remove them from the brainfile as the detection will be useless

3. Ok lol
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