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Originally Posted by SirPaulGerman View Post
I did send 2 email with different address and no response so far , any idea if he still sales custom hardware ?

2) I have one of this

the modulator and the Amiga 4000 keyboard wont fit at the same time , because the modulator is too wide , should I buy the s-video device from amigamaniac or the one from kipper2k , which one is better , then one I have is any good ?
also which one is better psx joystick adapter from amigamaniac or the one from kipper2k

thank for your time guys

The svideo device that both of us sell is using the same components. it is actually the same circuit in a different case. He has some jumpers on his design to allow for devices other than Amiga.

The PSX adapter he is selling looks like it is using Paul Willinghams code. THere are a lot of options you can do with that controller. You have probably seen my webpage with the features of the one i am selling

Based on price, both are good, your choice

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