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ok ! got WinUAE 242beta

68030 + JIT
Must activate option Host / Miscellaneous / "allow native code"

If I put my hostusb.dll into winuae_dll it logs that:
42-154 [1444 212-262]: native open: 'D:\vieux\Gilles\amiga\WinUAE_242b\plugins\hostusb.dll' = 126
42-154 [1444 212-262]: fallback native open: 'D:\vieux\Gilles\amiga\WinUAE_242b\winuae_dll\hostusb.dll' = 126

If put hostusb.dll into Plugins
And take my program, replace MEMF_CHIP by MEMF_ANY => ok

On 68000 512KB chip + 4MB fast
Must activate option Host / Miscellaneous / "allow native code"
It crashes the emulator...

So if I want to test A1000 stuff or non JIT configs, I must insist on MEMF_CHIP for struct allocations needed to pass data to the dll.

// for PFS3, I use this

It is quite easy, mount a removable disk with PFS3 on WB1.3 (on a true amiga 68000), then remove it. It makes a guru 3.
The official PFS3 doesn't work at all on WB1.3, because it use some 2.04 and higher exec routines.
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