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Originally Posted by Retroplay View Post
Rock 'n Roll Racing
A bit by chance (browsing the romhacking forums), I stumbled upon some Rock'n Roll racing hacks by someone called Ti:

A very interesting one is:
[SNES] Rock n' Roll Racing Hack - adds 36 tracks from Sega version

I had to look a bit online to understand correctly. Apparently, the MegaDrive version of RRNR has different tracks for division B and division A of each planet.
So with this hack you have that instead of the same tracks for division A and B.
Not sure why it is only 36 tracks though (should be 6x8 instead of what I suppose is 6x6). I have not played enough (just played first planet first 4 tracks to advance to division A and see if things actually worked) to check that.

I also "browsed" most of the tracks (playing in VS mode and giving up after doing one lap). The first "new" ones seem a bit simple (a few turns and bumps here and there) but the later ones seemed quite interesting in design.

The guy also made a lot of hacks for the MD version (I suppose it is easier to hack or that he is more familiar with this console). Apparently the top hack listed (currently Rock n' Roll Racing Hack v15 alpha !) is a compilation of those hacks.
I advise to at least take a look as there is some pretty fun things there such as:
- 6 competitors
- a new difficulty level
- new vehicles and musics
and other things I don't remember right now.

There are hacks for other games (mainly MegaDrive games) for those interested.
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