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Originally Posted by lurch View Post
Another thing that is confusing to me is I have no issues playing 90% of the games via WHDLoad on my 500+ My CPU is a 68010 for the quit key to work properly but no other tweaks.
Only games that are really slow are space quest/kings quest although they're far more playable now that I have the 8MB to play around with.
So the old 68000/7Mhz (68010 is barely faster than 68000...) can handle whdload games without any speed penalty? I was under the impression that except for extra fast ram you will also need a more powerfull cpu than 68000/7Mhz! I have an amiga 500 (with 1mb chip mod) and i was thinking, if adding only fast ram (like the one kipper2k make) and perhaps something like the ide68k with ide to cf card adaptor could make my amiga 500 be able to run whdload games without any speed problems! (Of course,i will need to change kickstart with a 2.04 version too, right?)
What exactly is your configuration, that allows you to run whdload games?
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