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Originally Posted by Gilloo View Post
b...bu...but this is my thread !!
You started to argue with me about WinUAE

Same crash with WinUAE 2.3.1.b (not the last but not so old too)
I said in non-JIT mode it is only supported in latest betas..

What Amiga address? What did 105 return?

In fact the 105 function gives the start address of the block allocated by WinUAE for the chipmem. Other memory blocks are allocated elsewhere and not follow this block. Other advanced developpers use the structure pointed by the A6 register to get the Z3 offset. So there is always a solution.
Why do you need "Z3 offset"? Any Amiga address (chip or fast or whatever RAM) + 105 function return value = correct address. Everything is linear mapped (except IO or some other non-RAM special regions).

btw, make sure you use unsigned address variables because returned address can be very high in 32-bit address space if using 64-bit Windows. (like 0x7fxxxxxx or larger) to prevent negative results and crashes..

Explain exactly what you do if you still have problems. It can't be that difficult
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