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Puzzling stuff, as I have an A500+ which has 1MB onboard and a 1MB via the trap door.

Have Toms 8MB in the CPU socket.

So going by what has been said if I get an ACA500 I'd have to remove the 1MB in the trap door and the 8MB in the CPU socket as the ACA500 blocks the CPU socket :-/

ACA500 2MB (classed as chip?) + 1MB onboard + 80 Euros

ACA1220 - 128MB + 90 Euros

170 Euros..... Not too bad.

Is there anymore info about the Zeus board?

Another thing that is confusing to me is I have no issues playing 90% of the games via WHDLoad on my 500+ My CPU is a 68010 for the quit key to work properly but no other tweaks.

Only games that are really slow are space quest/kings quest although they're far more playable now that I have the 8MB to play around with.
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