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Originally Posted by Mendel View Post
You know, I played quite a bit of Total Chaos on Amiga before even knowing about this original chaos game on speccy.

But I am much more interested about Lords of Chaos because what little I´ve seen of it, it seems to expand the game to not just a board game but a bit of an exploration/adventure/rpg sort of a game while keeping the battle and spell system. Seems like something I might get stuck on for a while.
Lords of Chaos is a very nice game indeed, it's a great blend of tactical play as well as exploration, I must have been 10/11 years old when I was introduced to it by my nerdy and much smarter friends, at first I didn't care for the crude gfx and rather cumbersome interface but once I got into it that was that, 4 player mode can be pretty epic but finding the time and the additional players is a challenge in its self. Oh the freedoms of youth
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