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Originally Posted by BlankVector View Post
Ok, so what would be your advice for EmuTOS? I guess that the problem is the same for Linux, etc.
Maybe I could first detect the presence of a Blizzard board, then try to auto-detect the presence of FastRAM using the dirty way, poking fixed addresses to detect if RAM is present, etc
Yeah, I guess checking what Amiga Linux or NetBSD does is the only solution.

Or maybe I could call the Blizzard autoboot ROM?
Not possible, it assumes SysBase and other AOS structures.

btw, keyboard handshake has a bug:

00FC0A98 0039 0040 00bf ee01 OR.B #$40,$00bfee01
00FC0AA0 13fc 0008 00bf ee01 MOVE.B #$08,$00bfee01

This makes really really really short handshake pulse..
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