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Originally Posted by amiman99 View Post
The keyboard works fine in A1000, I can pause the start screen by pressing SHIFT key, and type stuff in the console.
Thanks for these tests. So the keyboard works fine with WinUAE, Amiga 1000 and Minimig. It fails only with gibs' Blizzard A1260. Maybe I forgot to initialize something for the keyboard, like the serial speed or something similar. I have no idea now, I will investigate that later.

About gibs' other trouble: no FastRAM detected, and bad year.
Here is a debug EmuTOS ROM. It starts and displays some debug info on the screen. Then it automatically hangs, to give the opportunity to the user to see the results. There is no way to go forward in this test version.

gibs, could you please try this special EmuTOS ROM, take a photo and post it here? Thanks in advance.

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