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I've tried to escape the evil clutches of old Bill by jumping ship on a few occasions, but I always end up right back at square one. I spent weeks downloading Mandrake 8.2 with my 56k modem only to discover that it wouldn't work with my computer. I decided to throw in the towel, but then when Mandrake 9 was released I thought I'd give it another shot - I downloaded it from work this time so it took about 30 mins to get 3 CDs, but it still wouldn't talk to my computer. It would install so far and then freeze or it would install correctly but then 2 minutes after using it my cursor would freeze and not knowing what the keyboard shortcuts are I was lost. I concluded that if the Linux developers can't get something as simple as a mouse to work there's little hope for more complicated hardware.

I think Linux will be a great competitor to Microsoft in the future, but at the moment it's too flakey to be of much use to the average Windows refugee.
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