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Originally Posted by gibs View Post
Yes it is the CVS 2012-07-19.

Originally Posted by gibs View Post
Can't hold Shift !
Read my previous message
You edited your previous message, this is not fair

So the keyboard still does not work for you ? This is unfortunate, because other people reported it works now on their hardware...
Does the keyboard still not work everywhere, including in EmuCON?
Note about holding Shift: ideally, you should wait for the welcome screen to appear, then press and hold shit to keep it displayed. Of course if you still have keyboard trouble, this can't work.

Originally Posted by gibs View Post
CPU Type: m68060
MAchine : Amiga
Free ST-Ram: 1831 kb
Boot Time: 2040/08/06 00:09:54
About the FastRAM :
A new FastRAM line should appear between between the ST-RAM and the Screen Start. Do you really don't have any FastRAM on your hardware? Theoretically all AutoConfig FastRAM should be accurately autodetected.

About the date:
It seems to be good except the year: it has 28 years more than expected. This is surprising because it works fine for me on WinUAE. Is your battery backed up clock correct when you boot AmigaOS ? Does anyone have a clue about the cause of that year offset ? I will add debug traces in a next version, maybe some other field overflows.
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