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Originally Posted by gibs View Post
I tried to put a 512MB FAT16 formated CF into the PCMCIA slot, but emutos doesn't mount the partition.
Your card should be OK, provided that it has a PC-style Master Boot Record, and your partition is a Primary one. This is the standard format for virtually all flash storage nowadays, your card is certainly like that.

About IDE in EmuTOS, currently I only support what WinUAE calls "A600/A1200 IDE", this is probably Gayle? I only use the IDE interface found at 0x00da0000, Master device.
You speak about "the PCMCIA slot", I'm not aware of that, this is probably a different thing. Any hint/documentation about that is welcome. Anyway, in EmuTOS I didn't initialize PCMCIA, PCI or things like that.

BTW, gibs, with the latest snapshot, do the clock and FastRAM work as expected on your hardware?
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