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If it only has 1 meg ram I would rec adding more. there is an accelerator coming out (ACA 620) which has both ram and a 68020. It will give a little speed booster. as for other options there is the 604 mem exansion that will give you I think 2 meg chip ram as well as a port for the indvision ECS which will allow you to hook up a modern monitor. as well it gives you a couple clock ports for adding USB. They can be ordered from Versalia or Amigakit. as for the power if you are not sure on cutting and splicing then you are best to just get an adaptor. If it is already been tampered with you may want to remove the plug and use the style you need for your country. I never trust someone elses handywork.

Hope it helps
By the way, can I hook the A600 up with the ACA 620 and the 604 expansion with the added adapter for the indivision ECS + the chip?

Or do I have to choose between the 620 and the 604? Does it require soldering?

When will the 620 be for sale?

Does the A600 (not the HD model) come with an internal IDE port so I can easily buy and add the CF Adapter + the CF card (considering buying ALL the parts from amigakit).

Sorry for all these question, I'm just completely green on this. I need to know as I don't want to mess the A600 up. (Also, there should be a +rep system on this forum for helpful posts so it would be easier for us new users to know and for veterans to promote what is the "best" answer. Just an idea)

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