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Originally Posted by TotO View Post
Hello Toni,

OK. So, the speed is more function of "where the RAM is located", because the $C00000 address space can be used as well by AGNUS than by the CPU.
Function of physical location (where and how it is connected), not logical (where it is mapped in address space) location.

Please, can you explain me why using the $200000 (AUTOCONFIG / FAST RAM) area will limit the RAM speed to "7Mhz" ? (like said by Jens on the ACA topic)
He said "If you add fastmem on the 86-pin port, it's going to be slow (7MHz)" = normal A500 compatible fast ram board in expansion port would ram at 7MHz (of course, expansion was designed for A500 spec), CPU board RAM at 0x200000 of course be fast.
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