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Originally posted by KombatSanta
I can agree that it can be very "messy" for starters, but when you get the hang of it it's really easy to do what you want to,
Indeed. I had no problems at all getting used to it. Why? Thanks to my experience with the Amiga OS... The commandline is very, very very similar, so I had no probs!
As for the part that there isn't enough good user friendly applications... well I can agree that there isn't so many games for it, but there is alot of good apps for it.
I didn't say there are not enough userfriendly apps for it, I said it doesn't have ANY of the apps I use for work. I don't game with my computer (that's what consoles are for), so I don't care about that. Only tool I quite enjoyed in Linux is Gimp, but it still is not up to scratch with commercial efforts like Photoshop. but, hey, it's fucking free! Staroffice was cool too, I only had that office suite installed in my computer. I now installed OpenOffice in win98, and it works a treat. No need for M$ shite.
Still, all of my apps are commercial and not available for Linux. Therefore it's useless to me.
Anyway, the bottom line is: Use the OS that serves your needs best.
Yup, agreed completely
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