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I will say it's a close call between Arcade and Amiga/ST. Though Arcade has the advantage of the extra chapter, Amiga/ST has its own bubbly charm and easy-to-get-into gameplay, all on one convenient disk (had Pyramid been added in, it'd probably take the game to two disks).

C64 and Spectrum seem a bit soulless in comparison, mainly due to the lack of backgrounds and in-game music, but are otherwise still a joy to spend an hour or so on, and aren't too difficult either. Amstrad, however..... despite being the more colourful of the 8-bit computer ports, it's evidently the worst of the bunch, being terribly sluggish with crippled/delayed controls meaning it's MUCH harder to complete - I recall dying and missing out on bonuses/letters countless times on stages I could coast through everywhere else. I believe I even used a trainer just to get to the end! Not to mention it also a) omits more of the original music than the other two, and b) has no pretty-looking fairy to give you 1UPs. >.<

I like the Game Boy version a lot too - it remains pretty faithful to the Arcade/16-Bit versions in a meagre 64k rom! Just remember to get the correct dump of the English version though, because a broken rom was spread around for years that always crashed before the first boss. A fixed dump was added to No-Intro in around 2009, but Emuparadise still hosts an older set without it.

It's a bit hard to position the NES version somewhere on the list, because after the first few levels or so it quickly becomes its own unique take on the arcade original, with a completely different soundtrack, brand new locations for the boss fights and even some side-scrolling sections! It also adds a ton more features such as the ability to jump (and stun enemies by jumping on their heads), and the option to reskin Rit and Tam to a colour of your choice.

I haven't beaten the iOS port yet, but from my experience it's much better to use a proper control device for it like the iControlPad, followed by an app called Blutrol to map the touch controls to the d-pad and buttons. Though as the app requires your device to be jailbroken, this may not be a viable option to some people.
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