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The OS manuals I see from time to time on ebay. you may want to when doing your search on ebay select world wide search instead of just your local region. Another place to look would be they have a large buy and sell listing. also you can look here

As for the CF for games

You will need more ram then the stock 600 will have and you will need to install WHDload

and you have to I think install cross dos (which I think is installed with OS3.1) you will want if it doesn't have already a Hard drive. a 2.5 inch ide port is inside the machine.

The roms are socketted I believe. It is just a matter of removing the old and incerting the new. The CPU is soldered to th motherboard and the accelerators need to clip on over top of the 68000 CPU. as for CPU cards there I believe an 620 card coming out. There is was a 630 card made, no sure if still available again look at versalia and amigakit. the 630 will give you more horsepower due to a faster CPU. In my opinion spending a little more to get the faster machine is always better.

You can use an USB mouse if you install the Subway but you will need to have on 030 (may be a 020) to use the poseidon USB stack. The downside it will only work for workbench. any games that require a mouse the USB option won't work. Elbox sells as well I think amigakit sells a serial adaptor that will allow you to use a serial mouse. there is a USB to din serial adaptor available that will connect if you so desire.

As for SATA vs PATA i think the converter will work, but there is limited space inside the computer. There may not be enough room. If you are not going to install OS3.9 (you will want an 030 for that) you will be limited to only the first 4 gigs of any drive you install. I think that OS3.1 will only allow you to have a partition of 2 gigs max. There is a program I belive called TD64 which you can find on aminet which will will allow you to use more than 4 gigs. It is built in to OS 3.5 and 3.9.

Hope this helps
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