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Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
Thanks Jens... I know OC is a bit of luck but how easy is it to do... I know nothing of your designs but is it a case of changing a jumper, soldering or software selectable?
It's not software-selectable, but putting a wire link between two spots. This will change the CPU clock divisor from 3 to 2. The crystal on the board is 50MHz and remains in place. The design is fully async, meaning that the CPU runs async to the A1200 and the memory controller runs async to the CPU.
Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
I've a Blizzard 1220 which is 28mhz 020 4Mb
Could you do the same tests that I have made? I mean bustest and sysinfo. I'd like to know how much faster the Blizzard 1220 is.

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