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Are you sure...
I thought the 1902 was digital?? Not analog RGB..

Oh, did some quick googling and it looks like some of the earlier 1902's were analog. When CBM noticed people were buying these instead of the 1084, they apparently removed RGB.. Interesting..

This has me a little concerned.. Admittedly I'm a bit of a virgin, and I'm just sort of learning as I go.

The 1902A would have been the later model, correct? Do you mean there might be variations amongst the As or between the As and the original?

Or are you saying it's analog - digital RGB that's the problem? I never even considered this possibility.. : S


So I've done some reading, and basically what I'm gathering is, no, the 1902A does not bring me closer to solving my PAL - NTSC problem.

Oh, well.

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