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I haven't posted for ages about this game but have been working on it whenever I can. Just all the work I was doing was on real Amiga computers (so difficult to capture videos as I do my game videos with WinUAE and Camtasia software usually on a PC). And to be honest a lot of the work was more to do with what would look great/have minimum colours/maximum copperlist palette switches to allow this game to be fast and impressive on a regular TV on a real Amiga connected to it. Two of the desert levels were done as far as animation of flying over the terrain go. Was quite hard at work getting a result I thought looked nice for the water level but never was happy with what was done so far animation wise. Also had the Starfigthers done and looking pretty impressive in their size on screen, proper arcade quality looking stuff.

Hit a major snag this week, I was happily coding coding away on my A2000 (with ear protectors on naturally lol) and was quite happy with my dual platform development (was doing 4 colour terrain for the Amiga + copperlist palette switch every 4-12 pixels....was also seeing how it looked with just 2 colours in the animation and all the colour graduations done on a 512 colour palette for the Atari ST/STE).

To cut a long story short I was compiling my latest version (only minor tweaks not any real work lost there) and my Amiga white screened and that was it. I thought it's probably just crashed so rebooted...white screen. Switched off and turned on after 30 seconds...white screen and no drive click or hard disk seek. Left it off all day and it still is the same. The screen stays white ie no colour to indicate a specific chip, screen does not change.

So OK I have a full spare chipset from my other A2000 which died also thanks to battery corrosion, so swapped out all the chips and the PSU (all of which I tested at the time on an A500 or A2000 friends owned) and same thing. God damn it!!!! I now have two lovely paperweights that look suspiciously like Amiga 2000s in my spare room and no way to code this game. I looked for replacement motherboards for A2000s and fack me are they expensive. So I guess for now this project has stalled. I really don't have a couple of hundred quid spare to get an ECS A2000 up and running *sigh*

So it is with great sadness that until I have a working setup of an Amiga with HDD and nice keyboard (which is why I don't code on my A1200 or even put a HDD in it) that I think it's time to break open the UDK install and get cracking on a remake of one of my favourite Commodore 64 games from my childhood on DirectX11 Windows PCs *boo* *hiss*

I would like to thank everyone here who has gone out of their way to offer me help technically and all the encouragement given. Sorry to let everyone down. If I come across a nice 2000 or something on ebay for peanuts I will resurrect this lovely game. The enthusiasm for this game in this thread was great
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