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Originally Posted by brett71 View Post
@MacUserX: The PAL/NTSC function in the boot menu of Kickstart 3+ is about the most useless thing I've ever tried to use. I have a PAL A500 and an NTSC A3000D. On the A500, if I go into the boot menu and switch it to NTSC and then tell it to boot normally, it immediately kicks back to PAL after leaving the menu. .
Weird, being in the U.S., I use that pre-boot menu frequently to go into PAL mode and it works every time....

Anyway, there are also a few s-video adapters out there, but I don't think any are auto-detecting for PAL/NTSC. Amigamaniac's adapter has a switch for it.
Not sure if the 1702 supports both modes tho??
I'd guess not, but not sure..

Originally Posted by dr.mushroom View Post
Here's an update: I did come across a 1902A locally for a low price, and being that it's RGB,
Are you sure...
I thought the 1902 was digital?? Not analog RGB..

Oh, did some quick googling and it looks like some of the earlier 1902's were analog. When CBM noticed people were buying these instead of the 1084, they apparently removed RGB.. Interesting..


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