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Originally Posted by mikepxavier View Post
Thank you for the response! I will look it up ASAP The reason why I was worried about the power was because I think I remember that UK uses 115v power output and we use 220 v!

Know anything about that? Thanks!

Another big question would be if there's a place with a manual for workbench and what each app does. I remember growing up with my IBM XT/AT compatible computer I was given a dos prompt only (a long with over a hundred 5 1/4" disks) and the only commands I knew were "dir", "cd, and how to change disk. This resultet in a year of trial and error onto which I studied each command and tried to learn everything about it, without having manuals present. I would like to avoid doing that using the Amiga. I don't want to, let's say, botch up some files.

I use Linux, Haiku, Windows among other systems. Most self taught, but afaik, the amiga shell uses other commands, yes? Is there a site on which I can get a basic understanding of the system installed and how the motherboard works? I know some things, like what a kickstarter is, the difference between the audio and graphics chips, the smart file systems and the file extensions the system uses and that it can load.

It would be interesting to read about how the chipset works differently then say, PPC, x86 and ARM.

Thank you

Unless things have changed drastically, the UK uses 220 - 240VAC 50Hz. N. America uses 110VAC 60Hz.
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