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Happy New Amiga user (sort of)

Hello Amiga users! So glad I found this board...

When I grew up, I didn't have an amiga (couldn't afford), but a couple of my friends did. Started off with the Amiga 500 that a friend of mine owned, we used to play tons of games, like Outrun, Test Drive, etc. Years later, another friend of mine got hold off the Amiga 4000.

We used them and played with them when I was over and I always dreamed of having one. I promised myself that I would get one when I was an adult. Now, several years later I am an adult (and on some overtime as well) and I've been recently talking a lot about aquiring an amiga, looking around for which one to get.

My girlfriend snapped this up and she bought (!) one for me as a present and it's currently on its way. It's the A600 with 1mb.

Now, since this is the UK version and I'm using a Norwegian power outlet, I'm a bit nervous about what I can do and what I can't do. When I lived in the UK as a younger lad, I didn't exactly know what I was doing, but I had seen one of my mates dad just cut the cord off and use the three wires for +- and ground to make a norwegian power plug into a British one. I did that when I lived in the UK in 97 (I was 13 years old) to some of my perhepials and voila. It would work. Sometimes it wouldn't :P (I wasn't scared of trying things like this when I was a kid, because it seemed logical that it would work.)

So my questions are if could I just do that or should I just use a british to norwegian converter plug? I see on the picture from the ebay listing that the plug has been changed to a UK one at some point, so it's just a matter of unscrewing it (without cutting).

Also, I read a review about a guy that used a PCMIA card with CF inserted on the side. He proclaimed that it was as easy as disconnecting the CF card, inserting it into the PC as a FAT32 drive and loading games on to there. Do I need extra ram? I heard about something called WHDload to load ADF files through the Amiga 600!

I'm not quite sure if I need to change the kickstarter versions on it to make it work, but does it require (in lack of proper british terms since I'm norwegian) welding the chip in place or is it pop out/in type of chip? I've never seen the innards of an amiga, except for that on yotube videos!

Also, I was wondering if it was possible (since it is on consoles like the PS2 Fatboy) to use an IDE to Sata converter and have an enclosed external harddrive from it to boot of, using a couple of allocated 4GB partitions.

What else do I need to get going? What's the best way to get the best quality picture with audio? VGA converter? RGB converter? As a new owner, what should I do to this system to get the most out of it? I don't want to mod it hardware wise, as in "I don't want do anything permanent" to the system, if I can avoid that. I also don't need to use OS 3.9.

Another thing is that I really despise (note: hate) having to use a mouse with a ball, espacially as we have 4 cats. Any way to use a laser mouse?

Thanks! I've been reading some of the threads and I know this is the place to ask! If I've done something wrong, asked some wrong questions or if there is something I should take notice of on this forum, please don't hesitate to tell me. No wrong intentions, just real happy to be here.

Edit: (Title = New Amiga user (sort of), not "off". Sorry about that).
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