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Security problem is that DLL runs inside winuae process space = it has same privileges as winuae which is bad if winuae was run as admin. DLL can do anything it wants in this situation.

Most users assume emulators won't allow full access to host. This makes it dangerous.

Also DLL can always poke and peek any address in winuae's address space, it can do all kinds of things behind emulator's back. This makes it unsupported.

I am not going to remove it, at least unless someone abuses it too much but it is possible I'll add some confirmation dialogs before any previously unused dll gets loaded for the first time.

Only chip memory (memory starting at $0) or Zorro3 memory can be used
Why do you think so? All memory is linear mapped from base address in 68020+ modes. Last few betas have linear memory, even if 68000.

(Don't care about SAS-C)
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