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Gamebase Amiga - 2 Questions

Hope you can help a newbie to the Gamebase Amiga set-up. After help and much trying (and re-trying) I have it all set up and working.

I just have a few questions which I hope you can help me with.

1. I downloaded the WHDLoad packs and can see CD32 & CDTV titles in there. However these corresponding titles do not appear in Gambase Amiga.

For example there is Beneath a Steel Sky CD32 version zip, but just the floppy and standard WHDLoad version to play in the Gamebase.

Do I have to add these manually to play? I had a rather crude attempt at adding a game into the Gamebase but was not successful. I even tried adding Extra's and linking the zip to WHDLoad, all to no avail.

2. I decided to delete any non-English games to free up much needed space on my HD. However I mistakingly deleted some English games which were multi language. For example Dr. Doom's Revenge. I downloaded the zip file for this game from Planet Emu and thought it would just be a simple case of adding the game back into the Gamebase and linking it to the zip file.

However although WinUAE starts up - the game does not load - stays on a black screen. I have ran the file independently from Gamebase and it loads up fine. So I must be doing something wrong, but what?

Hope you guys can help with the above.
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