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Originally Posted by Ze_ro View Post
[*]Is it worth learning ARexx? I've been using Unix for about almost 10 years now, so I'm familiar with scripting languages, and I know that I can install REXX on my Linux machine, so I figure it could be worth learning... but does general Amiga systems administration involve many REXX scripts? I know my brother has a book on ARexx that came with his original Amiga 500, but I haven't read any of it yet.[/LIST]
IMO ARexx is one of the greatest things about Amigas. Scripting is the best way to take advantage of the Amiga's multi tasking OS. Much of the best productivity software had Arexx ports built in. It's a pretty logical and user friendly scripting language. I much prefer it to PERL, and if you don't need to be object oriented, or tie in with modern libraries like Python, but just want to maximize your personal use of your computer IMO it's the best scripting language.
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