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What a grave digging effort was that

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Don't get me wrong, Mediators are nice products (I had one some time ago and it was just fine) but what made me sick about Elbox was the last FastATA CF/Sata series for A1200/A4000.
I'm not a huge fan of FastATA (I had also a mk3 model) but what Elbox did advertising the newer series as a controller without giving extra info or pictures about extra IDE2CF and IDE2Sata adapters was misleading.
I even asked for photos as the site wasn't telling anything and I never got a reply from them (I wonder why).

Anyway, I'm not expecting anything important from them anyway as most of the new hardware efforts of Individual Computers and homebrew stuff from Kipper2k and other guys like Ratte, Boboo etc compensate the loss

Majsta mate I can't wait to see your final product
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