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So, the HD devices are expressly filtered out. I agree with your reasoning (saftely first !).

But what do you mean by:
'there is no easy way to mount harddrives because uaescsi.device only accepts direct scsi commands and some io-commands that are required for working CDROM support.'

If I attach my scsi HD to the pc-scsi-card and switch on uaescsi.device, will kickstart2 see the HD ? (as it has a
RDB from the A590, where it comes from).
Your suggestion is 'no', but what does that have to do with 'only direct scsi commands', isn't that what the fastfilesystem is doing?
Anyway: readonly would be quite OK (i.m.h.o.)
please forgive any lameness that shows up here ! ;-)

I still got 1 reason to not dump Win98: quite some of my pc-hw is not supported due to driver-stuff.
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