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I think that your judgement about Elbox is not correct.
And I think that sales figures are much lower than 50pcs per month now.
It's not Elbox leaving Amiga scene - it's Amiga users left Amiga.
As an example I'm using Android device at the moment.
And you - have you bought any brand new Elbox product recently - let's say within last year?

Better to produce current product without any change and earn money somewhere else.

Sure - Mediator can be adapted to lower voltage technology or even FPGA. This requires some time and money.
FPGA would be right choice. Maybe next generation Mediator will be FPGA.
But it will be still just ZORRO to PCI solution, nothing new. With lower price - for what reason?

And last:
Elbox is now doing some professional electronic for industry.
Products for Amiga are just "for fun and pocket money" now.
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