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@stachu100 I have following your work and always impressed with your projects but I have to disagree on your comments about this topic.
1. There is no way that price of Mediator is related to old new stock of IC's. Complete story behind that and told by Elbox, as I recall at the end of 2011. was only marketing trick.
2. Voltage level translators can be used to achieve anything, now days we even have voltage level translator with auto direction control sensing. I have written about 10 pages regarding to voltage level translators and Amiga and you have everything explained on my website.
3. Those codes can be easy translated into Verilog or VHDL and all of those devices on the Mediator can be replaced by single FPGA.

What is ELBOX for me, only company with few people in basement who don't care about Amiga community. There is no real information's about company, their further projects, and what we can say about company who does not maintain their website offering products who are not there and never will be in production. Instead of doing that and for respect of all Amiga community they had to provide some information's for us to be decent enough to say don't wait anymore we will not produce Dragon or SharkPPC and state few reasons for that and maybe point some engineering to not make their mistakes. I understand that they work for money but please just tell me do you really believe that they can survive just from earnings related to Amiga products. How much they sell Mediators per month 50 ? And if you calculate that is minimum that company need to survive with only 10 employees. Do you really think that they can sell 50 Mediators per month and to whom?

Anyhow for company who produced such brilliant pieces of hardware I have to say that they can improve so much things in Amiga scene but I think that their engineers left them long time ago and all of they are capable now is reproducing old designs and from time to time hiring someone to improve software support.

Haha look at this on the mediator support yahoo group official announcement

Running this script generates a 'MedReport.txt' file (I am unsure on the save
position of this file as I dont have Amiga access anymore)
. Open this file and
copy/paste the output into the email that you sed to the list.

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