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Greetings from Phoenix Arizona

I just wanted to say Hello to all. My first computer was a Commodore 64 (bought in 1984) and then I upgraded to an Amiga 500 around 1989 or so (my memory of exact dates is not too good). Because of my job (I confess - it was because of the lack of new computer games for the Amiga), I boxed up my Amiga around 1993 or 1994, and stored it in the attic.

This past couple of weeks, I was watching videos on YouTube about the Ultima computer game series, and getting very nostalgic, I brought the Amiga down from the attic, dusted it off, connected it together, then powered it up.

I had errors such as the yellow screen, so after reading the various threads, I opened it up (for the first time), did not find any battery leakage (phew), blew the dust off of the mobo and chips, reseated the chips, and then did the same with the memory expansion board and external hard drive (I was REALLY nervous removing the shield from the memory expansion but I found a post from someone saying to do so and to use a soldering iron).


Amiga was (and is) a truly amazing system. When you consider the heat in the attic during the summer (it gets 115F outside in the shade, and I know the attic is at least 15 degrees hotter), it is truly a miracle that the system works. I challenge any PC owner (which I am one), and even Mac owners, to store their system in a Phoenix attic for 18+ years and see if their system will work with minimal dusting off and such.

My wife was asking me what the heck I was doing. I told her I was saving money in re-playing old games on my Amiga - she didn't have a response to that (I'm a husband on a budget - I think I'll start a 12-step support group for people like me).

Cheers to all!
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