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Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
You know, sometimes I think you're just Jens Schoenfeldt posting on a fake account
Ssssh. Don't tell everyone.

No. Thats not it. I'm from sweden, cant read but a few words in german, and i'm nowhere near as tech savy as Jens.

Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
If you can joke about it like that then I guess you just don't see it. To keep it short: it's the absolute shrewdness with how it's done that doesn't sit right with me, and that it's not for a target market of screaming hungry consumers, but to a small community of real fans and nostalgics.
I actually think your wrong. Jens seams to try and provide as affordable hardware as he can, and the switch to 128MB for a slower accelerator to me sounds like sourcing issues. If 128MB is cheaper then 64MB, then get it, and use it. It's that simple, if you ask me. Even if i doubt most users ever would need more then the first 24MB or so, paying a much higher price for a 32MB module is just insane.
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