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Well, the most memorable story I can tell was when I bought my first Amiga, 11 years ago... It was a gift for my birthday and that was because my ST passed away a few days before.

My ST pals were invited to my birthday party. I was a something of an ST legend in Greece mainly because of my involvement to the ST-Amiga wars and the ST demo scene. When I presented the Amiga to them they thought I was a traitor. They didn't speak to me for about a week, and during that very week I got many phonecalls from all over Greece from people saying to sell my Amiga and buy an STE.

My pals bought STEs for themselves to prove me that I did a mistake, but after 6-8 months they bought A500+ and sold their STEs. That was the end of the ST scene in Greece, simply because I was the first to sell my ST for the Amiga.

If you ask me today what do I feel about it, all I can say is that I regret for not keeping both !
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